Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PPP, Rasmussen, and Todd Akin

After Todd Akin's moronic comments on rape and pregnancy were first published, both PPP and Rasmussen released polls. They were ... at odds with each other, shall we say. Republicans accused PPP of fudging their (Akin +1) results and Democrats accused Rasmussen of fudging his (McCaskill +10).

Well, that was August. The most recent polling of the race, coincidentally, was also by PPP and Rasmussen, and the dates are almost identical. Interestingly, they each now agree! Pretty clearly, one or the other WAS fudging their data. What makes more sense, that a month and a half after making extremely damaging comments, that a candidate would see a smallish 4 point recovery? Or would they 'recover' by losing another 7 points?

In any event, with the McCaskill corruption scandal that has emerged after both of those polls were released, the race should be getting pretty close.