Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Favorable/Unfavorable ratings

I've seen a couple of people notice that the RCP average of favorability ratings now favor Romney +.4 (Romney +5.4 compared to Obama's +5.0). That's even more remarkable considering it includes a huge outlier from ABC/WaPo. This poll gives Obama a 15 point edge (+11 vs -5) in favorability. Almost every other poll has Romney with the edge to a greater or lesser extent:

Pew:                Romney net +3   (+4 vs +1)
Fox:                 Romney net +4   (+10 vs +6)
Monmouth:      Romney net +6   (+7 vs +1)
Politico:           Romney net -1   (+7 vs +8)
Gallup:            Romney net +5   (+8 vs +3)

Throw out the outliar (heh), and Romney would actually lead this measure by 3.4 points.