Monday, March 15, 2004

Kerry has been proving himself not-ready-for-Prime-Time on a daily basis for months, but it looks like it's finally catching up to him. Lying about his votes on Cuba policy is bad. Is he so "nuanced" that he really thought he voted for it? I guess if you keep flip flopping, it's hard to keep your lies... er... positions straight.

Or could he have begun to rely so heavily on the press to cover up his gaffes that he just thought he could get away with it? I think his free pass might have just expired.

UPDATE: I may have been wrong about that free pass, at least in some quarters. Eugene Volokh reports that neither the NY Times nor the Washington Post bothered to recount one of Kerry's other recent faux pas, the one regarding his "none of our business" comment

Question: If a candidate says something incredibly stupid, but the statement isn't reported, did he really say it?

Luckily, with the internet and other alternatives (Fox) to the previously existing left leaning big-media stranglehold, that question is increasingly becoming moot.