Monday, March 15, 2004

And what's with Kerry's new idiocy regarding his truly stupid comment about having the support of foreign leaders?

If it's "None of our business", then why did he mention it in the first place?

I actually believe that he is telling the truth in one respect here. I believe that he has had conversations with foreign leaders who have expressed the hope that he is elected President. I also believe that some of these leaders are from European countries. These aren't "imaginary" freinds, as someone snarkily put it a few days ago.

However, one of the most important implications of this gaffe has been ignored, as far as I can tell.

Kerry clearly now understands that these conversations shouldn't be mentioned in public. Anyone in his position should have known this BEFORE he made the comments. So is he so clueless that he didn't understand the obvious until he had his nose rubbed in it, or is he just unable to control his mouth?

Kerry has more than enough faults without adding the inability to keep private information private to the laundry list.