Sunday, February 15, 2004

On my earlier post talking about Iraq and how we can measure our success or failure there, I mentioned that there could be questions about the authenticty of the al Qaida letter purported written by al-Zarqawi which was recently discovered by US forces. The strategy now being employed by our foes, in targeting Iraqi police stations and army recruiting centers would seem to support the letter's authenticity, as these attacks follow it's recommendations very closely:

C. The Iraqi troops, police, and agents these are the eyes, ears, and hand of the occupier. With god's permission, we are determined to target them with force in the near future, before their power strengthens.


Fighting the Shi'a is the way to take the nation to battle. The Shi'a have taken on the dress of the army, police, and the Iraqi security forces, and have raised the banner of protecting the nation, and the citizens.