Friday, September 10, 2004

People have noted that the left's silence on the matter of these forgeries is deafening. However, Sullivan links to a thread on Daily Kos which does attempt to answer some of the charges, though it falls woefully short.

First off, they completely ignore the voluminous problems with the believability of the content and/or it's format (a small sampling of these problems is listed here), and instead concentrate soley on the typography. These criticisms (or should they be termed "defenses"?) fall into three broad categories:

1. They maintain that the font is not Times New Roman. The experts which I have seen quoted have stated that they cannot determine exactly which font is being used, but that it APPEARS to be Times New Roman. Interesting that the true experts cannot make a final determination from what they have available, yet the "experts" on this thread claim that they can.

2. Typewriters did exist at the time which could have produced the documents in question. I have no expertise in this area, but I'll defer to the numerous acknowledged experts who have gone on the record with statements to the contrary.

3. They point to an indisputably valid Bush document of the time perios which they state has a superscripted TH. However, the document in question, posted at Kos here, or in a format in which you can examine it better at page three here, simply does not have a superscript.

A superscript is defined as:

1. [n] a character or symbol set or printed or written above and immediately to one side of another character
2. [adj] (printing) written or printed above and to one side of another character

This document simply does not have a superscript, and you would think that one of the "experts" at Kos would know this. It does certainly look to be a special character added to perform the same function. However the top of the "th" is roughly level with the top of the "111 "which preceeds it, and the bottom of the "th" is barely above the bottom of the "111".

Contrast this with the actual example of a superscript on the forged documents here. It is not only ABOVE and to the side but it is roughly half the height of the preceeding numbers, in this case "187".

Therefore, even if there was a typewriter in use at the TANG of the period which had a special character for the "th", it did not produce superscripts, and it most definitely did not produce the fake documents in question.