Monday, August 30, 2004

I've seen a couple of blogs (American Thinker and Just One Minute) recently mention the fact that Kerry has refused to release his medical records, even though he has had to undergo treatment for cancer in the recent past. Instapundit also linked to an article in the WaPo which stated that Kerry had lied about his medical history to the Boston Globe at one point.

So let's make a list of the things that Presidential candidates have traditionally released that Kerry refuses to do:

1. Medical records
2. Tax returns (including his wife's, that is)
3. Military records

He has also refused to release his attendence records for the Senate Intelligence Committee, and refused to allow access to his "war journal" while apparently lying about the reason for doig so (at least according to his biographer).

Does anyone else remember the hue and cry about Reagan's health? Or more recently, how about Cheney's? And he was only running for VP!

How about the ruccus raised about Geraldine Ferrarro's husband not releasing HIS tax records?

And it seems like it was only months ago that Bush was being hounded in the press about not releasing all of his military records.

Remember the grief Bob Packwood took for not releasing his diaries? I seem to remember he was taken to court over it (and he may have even lost, though my memory on that is fuzzy).

So why is John Kerry getting a free pass from all this and more?